facebook optimization

Society has been replaced with a virtual neighborhood that includes everyone, save for probably less than one percent of the entire world population. Stay on top of the game as we optimize your online visibility through Facebook! Stonewall Press will create the Facebook page for Author and populate with 10 posts including graphical posts. Guidelines for best practices for Facebook:

  • How to create and design a social media post that will engage Step-by-step Instructions on where to find royalty free images and create your own social media posts
  • Tips for how and when to post, how to schedule and when to boost
  • Tips for connecting with right people and comment ideas
  • Join Facebook communities that have high density of target readers and buyers
  • 10 ideas for specifics for posts that are unique to Author's title
  • Stonewall Press will design the page and populate with 10 graphical posts
  • Stonewall Press will like and comment on others pages as Author
  • 10% of budget will be used to boost posts on Facebook
  • Author will provide us with 5 quotes per month to use in additional posts