It’s important to have an attractive design for your book; however, authors should also consider the impact of a book’s readability which contributes to its overall quality. Stonewall Press aims to help you publish a grammatically polished book – we will help you spot the tiniest edit there is for your manuscript. All you have to do is to choose from our different service add-ons to help you meet your specific requirements.


Author-supplied: Once your corrections are done, we can provide you with a galley to use as a reference in making your own index. We will put this at the end of your book and send you your confirmation galley.

Publisher Provided: We will read your manuscript and conveniently create an index for you by tagging the appropriate words and a list will be put at the back of your book


The great Stephen King once said in his book On Writing, “To write is human, to edit is divine. Editing transforms a manuscript from ordinary to extraordinary. No matter how skilled of a writer we are, we will never be immune to blunders in creating a masterpiece. Let us help you assess the level of editing needed for your work. May it be Copyediting, Developmental Editing, Content Editing, or Line Editing, we will make sure to get rid of any spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors.


Get your book cataloged inside the largest library in the world and oldest federal cultural institution in the United States if you publish with Stonewall Press! The Library of Congress provides card catalog numbers to books submitted to them and include these to their permanent collection. Your book will be assigned a unique serial number that will identify your book all over the world. Fees may apply if purchased only after the book is published and is not applicable to eBook publication.


The Bookstore Returnability feature helps self-published authors showcase their books on bookshelves. By making your book returnable through Ingram, bookstores can order and stock your book without worrying about what to do with any stocks left. Choose between our 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month programs depending on your target market.


Stonewall Press shared your goal of seeing your book in your hands as efficiently as possible. Our Expedited Service is the one you need to take the reins and gain full control of your book’s publishing process, we give you the Expedited service, which pairs you with a seasoned design team that can help you publish in as few as 45 days (for a standard paperback) from the time of your submission.